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External Storage
Extend the strorage to the roof using roof racks and bars
Roof Racks
Extend your storage space to the roof with heavy duty roof racks and roof bars from the main manufacturers in the UK.
The roof bars that Fleetshield provide are all crash tested, aerodynamic, lightweight and designed to suit each individual vehicle.
  • Rear ladder roller
  • Load stops
  • Beacon brackets
  • Pipe carriers
  • Eye bolts
  • Roof platforms
Ladder Loaders1
Safe and easy ladder loading systems complete with gas assisting struts and load stops to suit low and high level vehicle roof heights.
Ladder loaders enable ladders to be fully secured onto the vehicles roof without having to climb onto the vehicle.
  • 2.2m (low roof) or 3.1m length (medium to high roof)
  • Single ladder storage
  • Double ladder storage
  • Wide ladder storage
 1 Requires 3 bar roof rack
Carrying Frails
  • Pole / Strap systems available
  • Built to suit each vehicle
  • Full width roof rack option
  • Removable section to allow wheel changing
  • Red & white safetly marker boards