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Racking Solutions
Organisation using shelves, drawers and cupboards
Plywood Bespoke Shelving
Plywood shelving can be cut and built to any shape and size required making it one of the most versatile materials for racking. One of the advantages of this is that the racking can be built to follow the contour of the vehicle's side to give the largest shelf surface area available for each type of vehicle. Fleetshield's Plywood racking is CNC machine made to the highest accuracy making it possible to complete a fleet of vehicles extremely fast and to a high standard.
Key Features
  • 3D CAD designs available for all vehicles and designs
  • Heavy duty 12-18mm plywood material
  • Completely bespoke
Steel Modular Racking
Organising all parts, equipment and tools in a vehicle by using racking will help increase efficiency by saving the time it takes to find them. Racking specifications can be created to suit any vehicles, trades and personnel, making it extremely versatile.
Crash tested heavy duty steel racking can be made into many different specifications with its modular parts, such as: shelves, drawers and storage lockers.
All racking options come complete with a 3D CAD design when quoting to give you the best possible idea of how your racking will look. This also gives us the best way to alter, improve and find any potential flaws in the designs.