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Lighting the interior and warning others
Interior Lights / Work Lights
LED Strip Lights
High power 12v LED strip lights give excellent light to the vehicles load area either linked to the manufacturers door opening and timer system or seperately switched on the unit, nearby area or dash board.
Work Lights
Powerful directional lighting to assist working at dusk and night for use inside and outside of the vehicle. Come with either LED or halogen bulbs at a varying degree of power.
Beacons / Light Bars
High visibility lighting is essential when working around our roads and come in a few forms of designs and degrees of power.
Strobe Lights
Fitted into the front grille and rear pillars, these provide a directional vision for traffic in front or behind.
Provide a warning to other motorist and pedestrians of the presence of the vehicle and its movements.
Light Bars
A bright and complete 360 degree visual to warn others and alert to the vehicles position.