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Vehicle Linings
Protection from the inside
Give your vehicle protection from the inside by adding a heavy duty plyline. This will prevent items in the load area from being able to damage the vehicle's sides, floor and doors.
Key Features
  • Full coverage to sides
  • Wheel arch covers
  • Aluminium edging strips to floor access points
  • Silicone sealed at floor level
  • 6-12mm plywood options available
Plyline - Anti Slip Floor
Add an anti-slip floor to your vehicles plyline to give you better grip when walking and moving in the vehicle.
Key Features
  • Much improved grip over standard plywood floor
  • 12mm flooring as standard
  • Hardwood centre
  • Oil resistant
Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Fibre Glass is a heavy duty lining added to the load area to make it completely sealed and waterproof. This area can then be pressure washed at high temperatures to keep it as clean as possible.
Anti -Bacterial Protection
Adding a Crystic Microban Gelcoat 65PA to the GRP lining gives anti-bacterial protection which is tested in accordance with SB, BS EN or BS EN ISO test methods.